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Quality UK Manufactured Intersurgical Renowned Brand 99.99% Filter - HMEF Catheter mount Combination kit (box of 40) Filter - HMEF  and Extendable Catheter Mount, Combination Kit and elbow 1541974  FTC212 - Medistock Medical Supplies

Filter - HMEF Cathetermount Combi..(box 40)

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Filter - HMEF Cathetermount Combination kit (box 40) Filter and HME  ( HMEF )  Includes HMEF Extendable Catheter Mount, detachable elbow , in individual sealed packs, excellent filter and moisture return , single patient use 24 hours

Type of filter Electrostatic
Filtration efficiency
 Bacterial efficiency
 Viral efficiency

Moisture loss 7.8 mg H2O/l (Filter only)
Calculate moisture return 30.8 mg H2O/l (Filter only)
Resistance at 30L/min 1.2 cm H2O
Resistance at 60L/min 3.5 cm H2O
Compressible volume 60 ml (Filter only)
Weight 50 g
Connectors 22F/15M-22M/15F
Minimum tidal volume >200ml

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