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soda lime co2 absorber

Soda Lime CO2 Absorber, for rebreather diving or divers lime and aquarium fish tank co2 reef scrubber, medical anaesthesia, 5 litre can, Spherasorb, White to Violet Change, Each

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Soda lime CO2 absorbent for rebreather diving or divers lime aquarium fish tank co2 reef scrubber and medical anaesthesia, Soda Lime, 5 litre can, Spherasorb White to Violet, Each. Soda lime is a mixture of chemicals, used in granular form in closed breathing environments, such as general medical anaesthesia, submarines, rebreathers and recompression chambers, to remove carbon dioxide from breathing gases to prevent CO2 retention and carbon dioxide poisoning. Other uses for this product are as aquarium fish tank co2 reef scrubber.

Medistock supplies a range of soda lime products specifically for Non-medical applications including, diving, mine safety and industrial gas purification.  These products conform to the STANAG 1411 for rebreathers. The packaging ensures they maintain compliance with these standards

Spherasorb has an additional ingredient called Zeolite, this prevents the soda lime completely 'drying out'

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