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Vygon IV Octopus 3 Lumen with Clamps / Alternative ( stock dependant) 10 Box-Medistock Medical Supplies

Vygon IV Octopus 3 Lumen with Clamps / Alternative Fannin brand( stock dependent)may be supllied 10 Box

  • £29.93


IV Octopus 3 Lumen with Clamps, 10 Box. Octopus is a polyurethane, transparent, supple triple lumen extension tube for IV catheters. To identify the different infusion lines, each line has a hub of a different colour. It provides 3 access ports for the administration of IV solutions or drugs  when connected to a single lumen central venous catheter. The line with green hub offers a high flow rate for example for the administration of parenteral solutions, the 2 other lines with smaller lumen / smaller dead space can be used for drugs administration. Alternative Quality brand Fannin type may be supllied

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