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Thermometer Visiofocus Infra Red Non Touch

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VISIOFOCUS Simply reveals the body temperature without touching you, your baby or patient Just as easy as it should be Visiofocus - the evolution of Thermofocus, the first non-contact thermometer at world - is convenient and easy to use as it is the more advanced medical thermometer working at distance. With the VisioFocus thermometer, you can take your baby's temperature at first sight, as it is designed to project the body temperature value on the forehead: it simply reveals the body temperature, without even touching the skin. How To Use · Flip open the protective cap. · Press and hold the "FACE" button to activate the lights. · Approach the thermometer perpendicularly to the middle of the forehead until the temperature comes exactly between the two brackets. · Release the "FACE" button holding the thermometer steady until the aiming lights start to blink. · You can read the value on the display as well. · The thermometer goes in to standby mode after 20 seconds, displaying the room temperature for 4 hours before turning itself off. · Carefully read all instructions before use. Abrupt movement of the baby may not allow for enough data to give an accurate reading. Approaching a baby with the aiming lights already on may help, giving you enough time for a steady reading before the baby moves. If your child has a perspiring forehead, or if it proves difficult to take the temperature on the forehead for any reason, you can take the temperature on the eyelid or on the neck. Using the "HOME" button, VisioFocus can also be used to take the temperature of any object (from 1 to 55oC / 33.8-131oF), such as baby's bottles, soups or the bath's water Warranty - 1 year

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