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Vasofix Cannula Safety, 20g Pink , Braun Brand, 50 Box,-Medistock Medical Supplies

Vasofix Cannula Safety, 20g Pink , Braun Brand, 50 Box,

  • £59.43


Vasofix Cannula Safety, Braun Brand, 50 Box, 20g Passive Safety Technology is incorporated into the Vasofix® Safety IV Catheter via an integrated fully automatic Safety Shield which protects the needle tip to prevent needle- stick injuries. Super-sharp needle bevel offers a reduction in pain due to lower forces. Creates a V-shaped, tricuspid incision versus a lancet cut for easier catheter insertion, less tissue tearing, faster healing and reduced risk of infection. Transparent flashback chamber allows quick visualization of blood. Rapid confirmation of vein access. Ergonomic grip design for a comfortable handling. Removable Flash Plug permits attachment of a syringe for aspiration and other special procedures.

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