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Satin Slip Intubation Stylet, 5.0mm-Medistock Medical Supplies

Stylet, Intubation Stylet, 4.7mm/5.0mm 14fr adult size , single use, each

  • £2.97


Intubation Stylet, 4.7mm / 5.0mm. Made of malleable aluminum covered with plastic sheath which has a lubricated surface. Helps reduce friction between the stylet and the tracheal tube to allow for easy insertion and withdrawal. Sheath extends beyond tip to reduce the risk of trauma should stylet extend beyond tip of tracheal tube

  • Single use
  • Easy to shape
  • Smooth high density polyethylene outer sleeving
  • Malleable aluminium coated with high density polyethylene
  • Walking stick design can be inserted into the ET Tube prior to intubation

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