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Portex Mini tracheostomy Kit

Portex Mini tracheostomy Kit

  • £33.00


The mini-tracheotomy technique has many uses in the management of the tracheobronchial tree such as:

  • Suction therapy for sputum retention
  • Weaning off IPPV
  • Coma patients
  • Stoma patency
  • 02 therapy
  • Emergency airway (for upper airway obstruction)

Advantages, features & benefits

  • Guarded scalpel intended to allow midline incision to be made with minimal risk of damage to the posterior tracheal wall
  • Curved introducer aids introduction of the cannula
  • 4mm ID, thermosensitive, blue line cannula
  • Neck tapes for secure fixation of the cannula to the neck
  • 10F suction catheter. Low friction endobronchial catheter for initial suctioning following cannulation

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