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Video Laryngoscope, portable, lightweight, disposable single unit

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Sold in single unit not large box quantities only, i-view is the new, single use, fully disposable video laryngoscope,  providing the option of video laryngoscopy wherever you might need to intubate.

For an infected  or Coronavirus type patient who needs to be intubated, use of a direct laryngoscope brings the clinician very close to the patient’s head, increasing their risk of exposure to patient respiratory aerosols. A video laryngoscope allows the clinician to view the anatomical structures on an LCD screen, positioning them further away from the face of the patient, thereby reducing this risk..’

By incorporating a Macintosh blade, i-view can also be used for direct laryngoscopy and the technique for insertion is more familiar and instinctive than for devices with other types of blade.

Ready to use seconds after removing from the packaging, the ergonomic design ensures i-view is easy to use, and the integral LCD screen provides an optimal view in a variety of light conditions.

This makes i-view ideal for use in

• pre-hospital
• emergency medicine
• resuscitation
• anaesthesia
• difficult airway
• intensive care

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