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Peak Flow Meter Mini Wright Pack For Asthma COPD Lung Conditions, Single Unit, Buy Online For Home Or Clinic

  • £19.95


The Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter is available in the Standard Range (recommended for those 6 years and above)for Asthma lung conditions monitoring and improvement

  • Simple and accurate measurement of peak flow breathing
  • Easy to clean
  • Individually calibrated to ensure accuracy
  • Supplied complete with instructions self monitoring chart and storage case
  • Supplied with a sterilisable universal mouthpiece
  • Supplied complete with instructions for use, patient self-monitoring chart and sterilisable mouthpiece
  • Scale ranges from 60-800 l/min
  • Peak flow meters allow patients to monitor their asthma; Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) is a measurement of how fast a patient can blow out. When a patient is well their PEF is higher, when the airways are narrow (as in asthma) PEF is lower.

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