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Nasal cannula paediatric curved prong with 2.1 metre tube, each ( contact for box and bulk prices)-Medistock Medical Supplies

Nasal Cannulae Oxygen Paediatric Quality Intersurgical Brand 1163000 NHS Code FDC037 Individually wrapped, Supplied in singles (Each)

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Paediatric, nasal cannulae curved prong with 2.1m tube, single, For oxygen therapy. our nasal cannula allows the delivery of oxygen, One end of the plastic tubing is equipped with curved nasal prongs which fit into the front of the nostrils, with the loop hooked over the ears and the end attached to an oxygen source, allow the delivery of oxygen in a concentrated form to people who are hypoxic – inadequate oxygen supply to body tissues. Many conditions cause hypoxaemia including COPD, respiratory disease, shock, trauma and cardiac disease.

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