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Nasal Cannula, Comfort Softplus, Soft Over Ear Section, Adult, 2.1 metre long, prevents ear sores, 50 Box-Medistock Medical Supplies

Oxygen Nasal Cannula Comfort Soft Plus Unique Soft Over ear Section 2.1m Box of 50 From USA

  • £32.50


Nasal Cannula, Comfort Soft Plus, High Flow Adult, 2.1 metre long, 50 Box. This unique design with silicone over ear section prevents ulcers and sores on patients, this is beneficial for patients and also prevents any potential litigation. Unlike conventional PVC cannulas, which are hard and create considerable friction and shear forces when dragged across the skin, Comfort Soft Plus is highly elastic and relieves pressure on and behind the ears, thereby preventing pressure ulceration. No other “soft” cannula from any other manufacturer, performs as well as Westmed Comfort Soft Plus.™, sold by Medistock Solutions

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