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Merocel Nasal Dressing, 8cm, 10 Box-Medistock Medical Supplies

Merocel Nasal Dressing, 8cm, 10 Box

  • £100.68


Merocel Nasal Dressing, 8cm, 10 Box. Conforms to space or orifice, highly absorbent, biocompatible, homeostatic attributes (tamponade effect with light pressure). Controlled release. Stunting properties. Adhesion prevention. High in purity. Excellent wet state elasticity. Resistant to many chemicals. Durable and long-lasting. Strong/non-shredding. Controlled pore size ranges 0.0001 mm – 0.2 mm). Unlimited sizes and shapes (folded or die-cut). X-ray detectable. Impregnated with various compounds. Soft and compressible for easy insertion. Can be trimmed to any customised shape. 100% fibre-free

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