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Lung Exerciser Incentive Spirometer Coach 2

Lung Spirometer Breathing Exerciser for improvement of Lung issues Adult Size

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Lung Breathing Exerciser Manual Incentive Spirometer Coach 2 Adult, patients And Clinicians, An incentive spirometer is a medical device used to help patients improve the functioning of their lungs. It is provided to patients who have had any surgery or other lung conditions that might jeopardize respiratory function, particularly surgery to the lungs themselves, but also for athlete's who want to train and improve lung capacity.A one way valve makes sure that you inhale rather than exhale into the unit .Easy for patient's to use themselves and train without supervision by a medical professional, Highly-visible pistons and universal graphics (indicating correct inspiratory flowrate) help patients perform and monitor their own post-surgical breathing exercises without direct supervision. Other features include an O2 connection for supplemental oxygen, convenient handle, flexible popple tubing and bedrail holder.

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