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Laryngoscope Blades Miller F/O size 2. 10 Box-Medistock Medical Supplies

Laryngoscope Blades Miller F/O Size 2 BOX 10

  • £39.00


Laryngoscope Blades Miller F/O size 2. 10 Box. The Miller is the most popular of the straight types. The side of the flange is reduced to minimize trauma and the curve at the beak or tip is extended to improve lifting of the epiglottis. These improvements facilitate greater exposure of the larynx in difficult-to-intubate patients. A surgical stainless steel, disposable, sterile blade. Polished acrylic stem produces exceptional illumination. Used with a reusable “Green” system Fiber Optic handle. Perfect solution to cleaning problems in the EMS field. Exceptional viewing capability. Suitable for “everyday” hospital use and is cost-efficient

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