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Infuvalve B.Braun, Each-Medistock Medical Supplies

IV Back Check Valve Box of 50

  • £47.51


Infuvalve B.Braun, Each. Infuvalve® accessory for infusion therapy to prevent back flow into infusion lines. An effective technical precaution to raise safety to complex infusion systems. A normally closed valve, to be opened with low pressure, prevents backflow of fluid/blood into IV infusion line. Performs against over-and under-dosage as well as against bolus infusions. Maintains alarm function of pumps. Functioning in all positions. PVC- / DEHP-free, Latex-free Performance data: Minimum closing flow ≤ 0.1 ml/h Opening pressure ≤ 20 mbar Flow rate > 90 ml/minute G 40% Flow rate reduction = 18 % Burst pressure 6 bar

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