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Gloves, Biogel Gloves Surgeon, Size 8 , 50 Box

Gloves, top quality molnlycke biogel brand Surgeon, Size 8, Box of 50, sterile used throughout nhs

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Gloves, Biogel Surgeon, Size: 8, 50 Box. As the world’s first polymer coated, powder-free surgical glove, Biogel® surgical gloves have a long history of quality and innovation. Sterile, powder-free, natural rubber latex surgical glove for excellent barrier protection in general surgical procedures. Recommended for all general surgical procedures and other specialties that do not require unique characteristics. Benefits: - Unique Biogel® coating on the inner surface - Makes gloves easy to don even with damp hands - Soothes the skin to help prevent moisture loss1 - Beaded cuff for added security - Every glove is air inflation tested and visually inspected for quality and user confidence2 - Industry leading AQL freedom from holes of 0.653 - Powder-free to eliminate starch powder-related complications - Powder-free to minimise the risk of allergic reactions to aerosolised natural rubber latex proteins - Typically contains 50μg or less of water-extractable proteins4 - Low dermatitis potential – this product demonstrated reduced potential for sensitising users to chemical additives

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