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Ethicon Dermabond ProPen, 1 x 0.5ml, 6 Box-Medistock Medical Supplies

Dermabond Propen 0.5ml box 6

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Ethicon Dermabond ProPen, 1 x 0.5ml, 6 Box. A sterile, liquid bonding, topical skin adhesive designed to hold cuts, wounds, lacerations and surgical incisions together for the injury to repair and heal. Dermabond is strong, flexible and needle free which comes off by itself as the wound heals. Dermabond ProPen gives ease of use and improved control over the adhesive placement. Use ProPen XL for longer incisions. Dermabond by Ethicon provides both skin closure and microbial protection for a variety of surgical procedures. Studies on file show that Dermabond is an effective barrier to microbial penetration and show significantly fewer incidences of surgical site infections.

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