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Aquacel AG 10 x 10cm Silver Dressing, 10 Pack-Medistock Medical Supplies

Aquacel AG 10 X 10cm Dressing Silver pack 10

  • £84.49


Aquacel AG 10 x 10cm Silver Dressing, 10 Pack. Aquacel foam is the silver foam dressing with the additional benefits of an Aquacel contact layer. It offers the comfort of a foam dressing with the antibacterial properties of ionic silver. Waterproof barrier creates a barrier against viral and bacteria penetration. Soft foam pad absorbs fluid. Silicone adhesive border only adheres to skin and not to the wound bed. Aquacel layer gels on contact to the wound to lock in exudate & maintain a moist wound environment. Prevents lateral spread of fluid for reduced risk of maceration. Contours to the wound bed, minimising space where bacteria can grow. Kills a wide variety of microorganisms with ionic silver. Suitable for wounds with infection or increased risk of infection, partial thickness burns, diabetic foot ulcer, leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, wounds prone to bleeding, oncology wounds with exudate.

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