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Adult Elongated CO2/O2 Mask, 10' Tubing w/threaded nut, Gas sampling line w/swivel elbow and reflective Luer

  • £199.00


Adult CO2  O2 Capnography Mask, 10 foot 3 metre length with monitoring line with reflective luer connector and integral filter for use with Microstream  System Oridion  Phillips Covidien Monitors, box of 25

  • The reflective luer is designed to work with Microstream devices.
  • Microstream was originally manufactured by Oridion but they licensed the technology to Philips, Medtronic and others. Oridion is now owned by Covidien.
  • The products can be identified by their bright orange or yellow luer connectors with gold foil on the end.


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