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Bed Protect Absorbent Bed Pads, 60 x 90 cm

ABENA ABRI-SOFT ECO SUPER DRY 60 x 90 Absorbent Bed Pads disposable , Tena alternative box of 100

  • £33.00


Abri-Soft Superdry Disposables Sheets are high absorbency underpads designed with fluff maximizes the absorbency by spreading the liquid across the pad. The fluff core mixed with SAP in the underpad ensures fast absorption.

  • Waterproof PE back.
  • Sealed edges to ensure leakage control.
  • Ideal for incontinence patients.
  • Also ideal for non-sterile procedures, such as blood test sampling or wound dressing.
  • Protects surfaces such as beds and chairs.


Size: 60x90cm
Absorption: 1500ml

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