FFP2 Face Masks: Can This Mask Keep You Safe During Covid?

FFP2 Face Masks: Can This Mask Keep You Safe During Covid?

With the reopening of travel, transport and limited public gatherings in the UK, there’s been a sudden surge in the hunt for the perfect protective face mask against Coronavirus. One top choice right now are FFP2 face masks.

Despite the tireless global fight against its infectious spread, the threat of Coronavirus still threatens to reach every home in the country. 

So now more than ever, it’s important for you to know which face mask is best for you and your loved ones.

You must have seen numerous face masks on the market. We know that finding the right one can be overwhelming!

This is why, we at Medistock, have created this detailed face mask review to help with your decision.

Let’s also see what an FFP2 face mask is and why it’s one of the safest non-valve respirator face masks in the UK.

What types of face masks are out there?

Before diving into the specifics of Medistock’s FFP2 face masks on sale, here’s a brief overview of the most popular facemasks trending at the moment.

  • Respirator masks: These are carefully tailored masks offering maximum protection against Coronavirus and other airborne droplets. FFP2 falls under this category.

  • Surgical masks: These are the common paper-thin multilayered disposable face masks. They are capable of filtering a mere 60% of the germs around you!
    Surgical masks

  • Cone masks: With a slight outward conical projection, cone masks are often thick. Although they fit perfectly on the nose bridge, cone masks often fail to contain or protect against droplets.

    Cone masks

  • Valve masks: These face masks contain a small air piece stitched in the center of the fabric. The opening is one way — the valve stays closed while breathing in air and opens only when you exhale. Not recommended by health experts because of the unthoughtful design for public health safety.

    Valve masks

  • Non-valve masks: Technically any mask without a valve falls under this category.

Non-valve masks

What features should you look for while buying a face mask in the UK?

Here are some characteristics to look for when selecting a respirator face mask:

  • Buy a thick multilayered face mask that effectively prevents droplets from going in or out of the covering.
  • The mask should fit well around the nose, mouth, and chin. It shouldn’t be loose -particularly around the neck and nose.
  • Ideally, the best-fitted face masks have wiring on top to help keep them securely positioned on your nose.
  • The material should be breathable. 
  • The ear loops should be soft and not uncomfortable.

What happens if you don’t buy the right face mask?

Not wearing a proper face mask while working at or visiting a school, shop, restaurant/cafe, pub or any crowded space can put you and others around you at risk of COVID.

Additionally, while living in a polluted or dense neighbourhood, you need to be extra careful about choosing the best face mask. 

According to 2021 research, an ill-fitted, poor-quality face mask promotes droplets’ transmission rate with every person you come in contact with.

In short, selecting an appropriate mask is necessary to contain the spread of coronavirus.

What is a FFP2 face mask?

Globally known as N95, FFP2 is a type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). FFP means “Filtering Face Piece” while the N in N95 refers to “Non-resistant to oil.” 

FFP2 is among the best protective face masks designed for up to 94% filtration of Coronavirus particles. Besides offering protection against airborne bacteria and viruses, it filters toxic odours, gases, and fluids. 

In short, FFP2 follows the same design standards as the international N95. 

During the first COVID wave in 2020, the Robert Koch Institute recommended all medical staff wear FFP2 face masks in Germany. Now with the high production rate, they’re being used by the general public as well. 

Currently, more and more nursing homes and elderly care centers are opting for FFP2 respirator masks, thanks to their remarkable shielding features.

It’s worth mentioning though: FFP2 face masks offer a certain level of protection against foreign particles. They may not be the best face masks to wear in COVID hot zones!

What is the difference between FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 face masks?

Thoughtfully-crafted European FFP face masks were initially created for people who work in toxic or dusty environments. With their high-level filtration system, these half masks are excellent for anyone prone to allergies. 

Now let’s take a quick look at the main differences among the 3 FFP mask categories.

  • FFP1: Offers the least protection against airborne particles of all with 88% filtration and 22% leakage. Optimal for indoor use and not against Coronavirus. 
  • FFP2: Offers intermediate-level protection against outside particles with 94% filtration and 8% leakage. Mostly used by people at work or those in dusty/aerosol environments such as construction sites or fumigators. 
  • FFP3: Offering maximum level protection with up to 99% filtration, they’re the best face masks for regions with high rates of COVID cases and the gold standard for healthcare workers. 

  • Why should you buy an FFP2 dust mask?

    Here are a few reasons why you should check Medistock’s FFP2 face masks on sale and make an informed purchase for your wellbeing:

    • The FFP2 face mask is a non-permeable thick mouth cover with 2 to 5 layers of protective surfaces. Most FFP2 dust masks are designed to stop airborne infectious COVID agents in the form of droplets from entering the nose or mouth. 
    • The material in FFP2 is compliant with the international version (N95).
    • They are quite comfortable and breathable, making them ideal for any kind of climate. Whether you wear it during harsh sunlight or winter chills, the FFP2 protective face mask resists breathing problems and moisture build-up that momentarily impairs vision.
    • You can enjoy effortless inhalation and exhalation during any kind of activity — while jogging, working in an office, or traveling in slightly crowded transport.
    • The mask strings are soft and snuggly against the ear without causing chafing!
    • Our FFP2 masks are quite lightweight and weigh under 6g.
    • It also has an adjustable nose bridge which allows you to adjust the position per your facial structure.
    • Our FFP2 face masks secure your mouth and nose perfectly, killing any chances of foreign particles entering through air spaces on the sides.

     Overview of Valmy FFP2 face mask

    Valmy is currently among the leading  healthcare companies producing a wide range of top-notch quality protective face masks. 

    The next-gen FFP2 face masks by Valmy are one of their best-selling signature SPIREOR series, making them Medistock’s most popular masks on sale in the UK.

    This patented product offers unmatched protection against various risky viruses, bacteria, and toxic environmental particles. 

    With the NHS-approved non-valve Valmy FFP2 face mask, you can rest assured that you can breathe effortlessly without risks!

    Let’s take a brief look at the features of Medistock’s FFP2 masks:

    Product specifications:

    • 2mm thick
    • Weigh under 6g
    • Measures 227 x 98 mm
    • White color
    • An adjustable steel nose piece
    • Propylene elastic ear loop
    • Propylene mask filter
    • Soft, non-woven fabric
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Usable for 8 hours
    • Non-washable
    • Lasts for 5 years from the manufacturing date


    Valmy FFP2 face masks in the Medistock collection are created with a soft, cozy, and breathable fabric, to prioritize both your protection and comfort.

    If you’re prone to maskne (acne from wearing masks for prolonged times) or skin irritation, Valmy FFP2 is also an excellent option for you.

    Each layer of Valmy FFP2 face mask is hypoallergenic and crafted with comfortable, moisture-absorbing materials. They’re free of latex and PVC. 

    Even with the multilayered structure, Valmy FFP2 feels ultra-light. You won’t even feel the face mask while doing indoor and outdoor activities. 


    These medical-grade masks fit easily and securely on the nose, thanks to an adjustable nose piece. There’s absolutely no risk of droplets reaching inside the mask through airspaces - particularly in crowded places.


    Medistock’s  face masks are innovatively and thoughtfully designed, to make breathing in and out completely comfortable in any climate.

    No matter where you live or what you’re doing, Valmy FFP2 face masks are tailored especially for extensive prolonged use in dangerous atmospheres.


    Valmy FFP2 offers about 95% filtration against viral agents such as coronavirus, tuberculosis, and avian flu. They also prevent you from pollutants and allergenic particles including wood dust.


    Valmy FFP2 face mask fulfills all European standards for safety set by Council Directive. They also have the IC seal of approval, proving SPIREOR face masks exceed the quality standards laid out by government health departments.


    In short, with a remarkable 95% filtration rate, Valmy FFP2 is among the best face masks you can buy in the UK at a reasonable price. So go ahead and order yours now at Medistock!

    What are the NHS guidelines for wearing FFP2 masks in the UK?

    According to the latest NHS guidelines, England, Wales, and Scotland residents must wear face masks when traveling in public transport, cars, or even aeroplanes or trains.

    You should also wear FFP2 face masks while visiting shops, banks, schools, salons, clubs, hospitals, vets, religious places, or any private or public sector facilities with a risk of close contact.

    Also, ensure your nose and mouth are fully covered with a protective face mask when going to your workplace, hotels, hostels, cafes, or funerals.

    In any gathering where you’re unable to physically distance such as elevators or building gates, FFP2 face masks can secure you and the rest around you. 

    The government advises not to wear face shields as they are least effective against containing COVID spread! Not complying with the laws can even lead to heavy fines.

    Can children wear FFP2 face masks?

    The FFP2 dust masks are not designed for children, especially those under 2 years old. We’d recommend investing in children-friendly masks instead.

    How do you clean FFP2 dust masks?

    Avoid reusing FFP2 dusk masks altogether! They are not designed to be washed - either in a machine or by hand.

    Are FFP2 face masks disposable?

    Yes, FFP2 face masks are specifically created for one-time use and can get easily contaminated.

    In fact, you’ll find that most respirator face masks for sale in the UK have “NR” printed on the surface, referring to Not Reusable.

    Although you cannot visibly tell if your face mask is unsanitary, the chances are high if you’ve been outdoors or among the public. 

    Best to ditch them after single use and apply a new FFP2 protective covering next time.

    How to dispose of FFP2 masks?

    Here are some guidelines on how to safely remove FFP2 masks after usage:

    • Take off the mask from the ear strings or nose bridge wire.
    • Avoid touching the inside or the outside layer of your mask.
    • Dispose of the used FFP2 dust mask in a closed container or shopping bag.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or rub alcohol-based sanitizer for at least 20 seconds.

    We hope this guide explains everything you should know about FFP2 face masks and how it offers incredible protection from COVID. These budget facemasks on sale in the UK are worth checking out right now at Medistock so hurry up and grab yours!


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