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Valisafe Helix Device with 250 Strips

Valisafe Helix Device with 250 Strips

  • £113.85


Valisafe Helix Device with 250 Strips. The Valisafe EN 867-5 Helix Device is an accurate, cost effective way of ensuring that your Type B table top steriliser is performing correctly. This device therefore has the capability to provide you with effectively sterilised items in your practice. Used in conjunction with the Valisafe Class 6 indicators you can be sure Sterility Assurance Levels have been met. * Conforms to EN 867 Part 5 * Specifically engineered for B type (vacuum assisted) table top sterilisers. * Daily test requirements as stipulated in national standards. * Easy to use - Easy to interpret. * Self adhesive backing for documentation purposes. * Non-toxic / Lead free.

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