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Valisafe Denta-Check, 10 Pack

Valisafe Denta-Check, 10 Pack

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Valisafe Denta-Check, 10 Pack. The Valisafe Denta-Check protein test is a rapid test that has the ability to detect residual proteins left behind on the surfaces of hard to clean dental and surgical instruments. An easy to read colour change gives you your final result within 10 seconds. Denta-Check is suitable for use with washer disinfectors, ultrasonics and even manual cleaning. Unique & unrivalled weekly residual protein test Accurate results within 10 seconds No other test more sensitive without incubation HTM 01 05 compliant, conforms to BS EN ISO 15883. Easy to use, this weekly test confirms that the cleaning process retains the capability of removing protein. Clear colour change when protein detected Enhanced accuracy Shelf life 2 years 10 tests per pack including swabs + 1 protein control test.

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