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Valisafe Class 6 Indicators, 250 Box

Valisafe Class 6 Indicators, 250 Box

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Valisafe Class 6 Indicators, 250 Box. The Valisafe Class 6 chemical indicators offer the highest level of proof of the achievement of Sterility Assurance levels in your trays and items. These indicators are calibrated specifically to your cycle requirements. Valisafe Class 6 indicators offer validated security that every tray or item has been effectively processed, thereby providing a direct link between the sterility of the items and the patient. Conforms to EN ISO 11140–1 Class 6. Class 6 emulating indicator. Specifically calibrated to 3.5 min at 134˚C cycle. Monitors critical parameters - Time, Temperature, Steam. For use in every tray or item. Clear and abrupt colour change. Easy to interpret - easy to record. Non-toxic / Lead free. Box of 250.

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