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Schulke Watersafe® Starter Kit, Each

Schulke Watersafe® Starter Kit, Each

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Schulke Watersafe® Starter Kit, Each. Total solution for complete removal of biofilm and long term protection of biofilm regrowth in DUWLs. * Unique initial biofilm removal stage * Independently proven and tested * Simple and easy to use * Does not affect clinical work or damage equipment * Contains 1 litre cleaning solution to protect against biofilm re-growth for at least 3 months Contents: * 2 Part BRS Forte System * BC San Bottle Cleaner / Disinfectant Protocol * 1 litre Maintenance Solution * 5 litre Mixing Canister with easy pour drain tap * 2  R2A dip slides * Funnel * 2000ml Jug * mikrozid® sensitive soft pack 48’s * 60ml desderman® pure gel * Full Instructions and MSDS documents