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Schulke Perform® ID - 900g Tub, Each-Medistock Medical Supplies

Schulke Perform® ID - 900g Tub, Each

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Schulke Perform® ID - 900g Tub, Each. Deep cleaning and disinfection of dental impressions through complete immersion. Specially formulated to respect the dimensional stability of impression materials such as alginates, silicones and polyethers. Effective against bacteria (incl. Tb), fungi, viruses (incl. HBV, HCV, HIV) in 10 minutes at 2% concentration. Excellent cleaning power, removes blood and saliva residues. Product in line with BDA A12 recommendations. Also available: 30 x 40g Sachets(MSDCD5512B) or 3 Litre Bath(MSDCD5115)