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DEB UV Hand Hygiene Sanitising Deluxe Training Kit, see 'gerrns' under uv torch, educational kit for teaching personnel correct hand washing procedures NHS code MRB000 , ideal for workplace schools paramedic care homes dentist GP etc

  • £147.50


DEB UV hand hygiene training kit is an educational kit to teach the correct procedures for:
- Hand cleansing
- Prevention of cross-infection & environmental contamination
- Surface cleaning
- Aseptic techniques

The cream and powder formulations include artificial ‘germs’, represented by thousands of minute particles, which are illuminated by the ultraviolet torch provided. This clearly demonstrates how easily germs can be transmitted.

  • 1 x DEB UV Glow Cream
  • 1 x DEB UV Reveal Powder
  • 1 x DEB UV Torch
  • 1 x DEB UV Powder Brush
  • 1 x DEB carry Bag
  • User Guide A5
  • Quantity: 1

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