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BIFLO Nasal Mask, 2.1metre (7 ft), 25 Box-Medistock Medical Supplies

BIFLO Nasal Mask 7 Inch Kink Resistant (25)

  • £48.95


BIFLO Nasal Mask, 2.1metre (7 ft), 25 Box. Biflo Nasal Mask is a simple and comfortable device designed as an alternative for oxygen therapy patients who can not tolerate a cannula or for those who have recurring necrosis. The Biflo delivers a gentle flow of oxygen. Helps reduce irritation associated with dryness. Unlike a cannula, oxygen flow is not jetted into the nasal cavity. Eliminates need for humidification because humidification is obtained through room air. Includes 7 ft. kink resistant tubing and cup-like mask.

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