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Thermofocus infra red thermometer 0800H5 (each)

Thermofocus infra red thermometer 0800H5 (each)

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Hospital version of thermofocus infra red thermometer.

As i am sure you are aware the EBOLA virus is spreading in several African countries.

Mrs. Margaret Chan, Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) said that every town with an international airport has a serious risk to spread Ebola.

As of August the virus has killed about 1500 people.

Health care organizations should establish health checks to contain the spread of the virus and prevent the occurrence of a new pandemic situation, you should be ready.

Please remember that both in 2003 during the first SARS from China and in 2009 during the Swine flu, Thermofocus was widely used in airports, hospitals, schools, factories etc, to easily and quickly check large quantities of people.

At those times Thermofocus was considered once again the best thermometer to help the health organizations to solve the problem and its cost is much much lower than very expensive fixed installations.

In case of necessity there are two version of Thermofocus particularly useful for this purpose, the Thermofocus 0800H5 and the Thermofocus 01500A/H1N1. Here attached you can find a technical sheet of the products.

However the new VisioFocus can also be used with this purpose and in this case the measurement is even faster.

Once again we hope that everything will remain under control in your country, however,  we suggest that you start the evaluation of these products in order to be ready, in case of a pandemic (colour may vary from image).

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