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ECG Dot Electrodes Skintact , Handy 300 box, 10 Packs of 30 electrodes pack with enhanced foam backing-Medistock Medical Supplies

ECG Electrodes Skintact 10 x packs 30

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SKINTACT ECG electrodes: SKINTACT ECG electrodes: Quick and easy, these come supplied on handy cards of six pieces. A perforation in the middle can be used to tear the card apart giving you two strips of three. Superior Design. The label material overlaps the electrode and creates a lift tab, which allows the clinical staff to handle the electrode easily even when wearing surgical gloves. Secure Adhesion. The enhanced adhesion of SKINTACT assures that the electrodes stick very securely ensuring good contact even when the patient is perspiring. Suitable for times when the enhanced adhesive is not required, particularly where the patients skin is more sensitive.

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