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Fannin airtraq laryngoscope

Airtraq laryngoscope, Size 2 Small (ETTs 6-7.5), Each

  • £57.00


Airtraq, Size 2 Small (ETTs 6-7.5), Each. The Airtraq is a unique, optical laryngoscope that is ideal for use in difficult intubations. The Airtraq allows quick insertion of an ET tube and is particularly suitable for pre-hospital emergency use when a spinal injury is suspected as no hyperextension of the neck is required. An additional feature of the Airtraq is that a camera can be fitted to the device to allow easy viewing on a monitor. The Airtraq is an anatomically shaped laryngoscope with two separate channels: The optical channel: contains a high definition optical system The guiding channel: holds the endotracheal tube (ETT) and guides it through the vocal cords Features: * It has a built-in Anti-fog system and a low temperature light * It is a SINGLE USE device * Set up time between 30-60 seconds * It can be used with any standard endotracheal tube Advantages: * Provides a magnified angular view of the larynx and adjacent structures, during 100% of intubation * No hyperextension of the neck required * Allows intubation in any position, (e.g., sitting) * Easy to use * Short learning cycle * Removes potential problems of multi-use intubation devices

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